I have worked in IT, Media and Telecommunications for more years than I care to remember - or want to!

However, during that time, I have built and managed teams, helped start-ups organisations and worked as a volunteer for some fantastic community organisations and charities, and also run my own business.  I appreciate the hard graft, plate spinning and sheer determination that goes into running a start-up, small business or not-for profit company.  I know from experience the first area that gets side-lined - for something more pressing - is social media;  despite the fact everyone knows we live in a modern age where interaction with the customer is key to success. 

I have personally searched for companies that could assist and recognise the importance of coherent social messages, brand and digital content that was unique for my business and help me manage my workload and was shocked at the costs involved and concerned that these organisations would only work with me if I signed over the management/control of my own social media channels to them - something that made me feel very uncomfortable for a variety of reasons!

I discovered that Social Media management is simply not viable for most small businesses and certainly couldn't be justified for any small local charity/non-profit. It wasn't just the cost factor either, its the control element of your social media channels and many are looking to sign you up for a lengthy contract period.

Therefore, I decided to get down to 'Brass Tacks' and I launched a Social Media Club. Its designed to be affordable, personal and flexible to your business needs - this is NOT a one size fits all solution offer.

There are no lengthy contracts, we like how we roll and your contract will be the same - you cancel whenever you want. Importantly, you are in total control as we are happy to either provide you with daily content updates and digital marketing posts and you post these yourself or we can manage all of your social media pages and community management

What makes us unique is the Club side of the business, you will be joining a club that helps others - for every ten companies that work with us we will support a small charity/non-profit with their social media management for free! 

As we expand, we will launch more and more services. Currently, we can support you with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages and we specialise in social media graphics, posters, visual content and video production 


Karen Rogers